1. Hay

  2. Hi

  3. Old old old… from In Situ 4.

    Sophie Yanow

  4. Hey PALS!

    I’m going to be in BOSTON this weekend at MICExpo!!! 10-6 on Saturday, 11-4 on Sunday!

    I guess technically it’s Cambridge? What do I know? I’m a WaCkY Californian! I have no understanding of East Coast geography! Come see meeeee and also Cathy Johnson ( cathyboy ) and Mimi Chrzanowski ( bbytown )!

  5. Yelling all the time. Yelling forever.

  6. Hannah Kaplan

    (Source: isthisokcomics)

  7. Baby’s first 2-color screenprint

  8. Got my pen order :)

  9. Ahhhhhhh!


  10. altcomics said: pressure to have an interesting life seems like its own kind of hell

    That’s true! I guess it could foster an attempt at “specialness” that I don’t really want. However, my notions about what an “interesting life” is can be pretty simple, or at least more recently they’ve become pretty simple. It can be as basic as “I should go outside today.” So I go out and I just look around a little more intently, try to focus on small things that bring me joy, trees and the color of a building. Making comics about these things helps me focus on them. Basic mindfulness anti-depression stuff. I’m usually happier if I do this.