1. War of Streets and Houses is nominated for a 2014 Ignatz for Outstanding Graphic Novel!!!

    I’m incredibly flattered…

  2. Edge Desert is a series I’ve been doing in Broken Pencil for a little while now. This one is from their current issue, no 64.

    (Source: brokenpencil.com)

  3. I don’t know, let’s try a little color…



  4. plumsmoke:

    It’s exactly what it sounds like.

    Thx to my webmaster Sophie for her help in making this website a reality. 

    (some ideas: are they good or bad?)

    Webmasterin’. Hire me! Just kidding. Well maybe.


  5. plumsmoke:

    hey pals, i made this thing over this last month! the tape (which is very almost ready) has one long song on the other side, but here’s 6 jams from me to you. 

    I play drums on the first track (pie & coffee), but more importantly more great work from an awe-inspiring lady.

  6. cestbonkultur:

    Sequential Investigations is an exhibition of original art, prints, and wall projections showcasing some of the finest experimental artists working on the periphery of the comics form, pushing and probing the potential of sequential storytelling.

    How to talk about comics in terms that don’t ignore or even exclude one aspect or other? Most people with the slightest interest in the form know that genre trappings or age divisions don’t make any sense at this point. 30 years ago people proclaimed that comics had “grown up”, but that term seems to be moot now that comics for all and any ages have gained general acceptance. 

    The father of modern manga, Osamu Tezuka, is quoted as saying that comics “should be like air”. Depending on your interpretation, that prediction may have come true, as sequential narrative has become a natural form of expression, both for traditional comics artists trying to break into a steadily narrowing mainstream, and for artists from other fields who test the comics grammar in new, often unexpected contexts.

    That is probably the common denominator between the artists presented in this exhibition: that they use the form as naturally as breathing. Their work doesn’t relate to comics as they were, but as they have always been at their core, that is, a set of syntaxes that anyone can use to communicate their own personal message. These are no “grown-up” comics, or even a “new” kind of comics as the exhibition title could be construed; rather, they are distinct, artistic visions that are also very clearly recognizable as comics. Within the sequential framework the exhibitors probe and explore the possibilities of comics and, as it were, chart the unmapped areas in the process.

    Contributors: Dunja Jankovic, Sophie Yanow, Aidan Koch, Warren Craghead, Derik A. Badman, Allan Haverholm, Julie Delporte, Simon Moreton & Oliver East

    Hey if you live the Nordic lands of Europe, go visit this show in Malmö, Sweden! I have work in it with other cool folks!

  7. After the Lynda Barry show.

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  9. genderfuckredmage:

    i don’t know man one day i just decided to cut the sleeves off all my t-shirts and now i’m gay

    (via petrushkab)

  10. 24 pages.

    "Anxieties coming into blossom."

    RISOGRAPH cover! Very hip!

    NEW NEW NEW. It starts where In Situ no 3 left off, but of course, you don’t need to read these sequentially.

    —— Back issues also in stock! ——